A special atmosphere at the workshop

On Friday, February 17, the Chernivtsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews once again discussed totalitarianism and totalitarian practices. On this occasion, the workshop participants were students of city Lyceums No. 8, No. 9, and Secondary School No. 38.

Like all the previous groups, this one was also well-motivated and consisted of young boys and girls who clearly understood why they were participating in the “House of Memory” project. Even though the workshop focused on events and phenomena of the 20th century, most of them quickly realized (and the speakers constantly emphasized) that the latter are directly related to the events that Ukrainians and all Europeans have been facing in recent times. The authoritarian regime in today’s Russia, which is increasingly tending towards totalitarianism, is the key reason for its aggressive policy towards its neighbors. The policy of this regime, which aims to deliberately create an image of the enemy and generate and fuel Russian hatred of other peoples and ethnic groups, seems as hateful and criminal as the policy of the Fascists in Italy, and the Nazis in Germany. These were the conclusions drawn by the workshop participants. The students did not hold back their emotions, and the organizers did not hide their satisfaction, since the students could analyze and were not afraid to express their opinions freely. This special atmosphere at the workshop is shown in the photos below.