Chernivtsi students continue to join the "House of Memory" project

Despite the vacation mood, Bukovinian teenagers continue to be interested in the workshop held at the Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews within the "House of Memory" project. On June 12, students of Lyceums No. 1 and 12 learned more about hate speech, discrimination, and fakes in the mass media. There were 17 participants in total.

The workshop participants have been able to detect that the problem of discrimination and the use of hate speech in the mass media has always been relevant primarily for societies with a diverse ethnic composition during a special practical assignment: reading and analyzing an article from the German-language Chernivtsi newspaper “Czernowitzer Deutsche Tagespost” from 1933. The article astonished the students with its aggressive and discriminatory language toward the local Jewish population, as well as its deliberate promotion of an atmosphere of intolerance. Rapidly, the students noticed the similarities between the Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda of the time and the current anti-Ukrainian hysteria in russia.

This similarity was particularly striking to the IDP children from eastern Ukraine who attended the class and shared their own life experiences. For example, Yeva Rudyka, originally from Sloviansk, said that many of her friends and acquaintances had fallen victim to russian propaganda. At the same time, Yeva and her family did not believe the fakes, which were actively spread by the aggressor country.

Other students were equally active. They especially liked the exercises to identify false information on social media and online media. Most teenagers easily and confidently identified fakes and created interesting memes on objectivity and reliability in the mass media.

After a busy and productive day, all workshop participants traditionally received certificates.