The "House of Memory" project expands its target audience

Participants in the seminar "Hate Speech and Discrimination in the Media. Fake News", which took place on 3 May, were students from School No. 27 and Lyceum No. 17. They included children from the east of Ukraine who found themselves in Chernivtsi due to the war. They themselves have experienced the impact of information propaganda and manipulative technologies used by the enemy in the temporarily occupied territories.

The high school students actively discussed the most absurd fakes they had encountered in the information space and expressed their vision of how young people can resist targeted manipulation. During practical exercises, students learned to recognize false information in online publications and social networks.

For many high school students, it was a revelation that bots on the internet can be used not only to promote a particular page but also to destroy someone’s reputation or even trust in the entire country. After watching a presentation prepared for this seminar, the children received practical advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of internet bots.

During an excursion to the editorial office of the TVA, a local TV channel, its director and journalists explained the specifics of local news production: how topics are chosen; how much time is spent preparing stories; how to achieve objectivity and balanced presentation of information. The participants also had the opportunity to try their hands at acting as news anchors and reading the lines on camera using a prompter.

At the end of the workshop, the participants received certificates, as is the tradition.