Fakes, cyberbullying, and the influence of bloggers on public opinion were discussed by the workshop participants

Students of Chernivtsi Lyceums No. 1 and 2 became regular participants in the workshop on "Hate Speech and Discrimination in the Media. Fake News", which took place at the Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews. On June 2, the sixth workshop of this series was held. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about fake news creation technologies and countering false information, as well as about the peculiarities of media work in the context of a full-scale war in Ukraine and the most common forms of discrimination against people.

Topics for discussion were censorship and self-censorship of journalists, information terrorism, paid-for media materials, bloggers’ influence on the target audience, and responsibility for the content they distribute.

Modern high school students consume information mainly from social media and telegram channels. And this is the platform where fakes spread very fast. The influence of bloggers on young audiences is quite significant, and, unfortunately, they are often the ones who deliberately spread false information that can destabilize a situation in society. The workshop participants cited many examples of bloggers’ bias from their own experience and expressed their belief that the activities of "opinion leaders" in Ukraine should be regulated by legislation that would transfer responsibility for the accuracy of the content.

During the workshop, the students actively discussed cyberbullying and other dangers that may lurk on the internet. One of the participants admitted that she had suffered discrimination online and shared her advice on how to counteract it. The students’ reaction showed that this topic is highly relevant for modern teenagers. Therefore, the ability to resist such forms of intolerance online is an essential skill for a modern person.

At the end of the workshop, Liliia Shutiak had a discussion with the students about the ethics of communication on social media. She also pointed out the main communication mistakes that should be avoided.

Participants’ certificates and a group photo were the logical conclusions to such an interesting day.