The project participants discussed the main points of creating a web documentary about the history of the Jews of Bukovina

On April 6, as part of the implementation of the "House of Memory" project, an important online meeting of project team members with IT specialists, historians, computer design and post-production specialists took place. Its participants discussed the details of the work plan for the creation of a web documentary on the history of the Jews of Bukovina. For those who have visited our site for the first time, we would like to remind you: the creation of a web documentary and educational applications for all those interested in the history of Bukovina, and primarily children and young people, are the main tasks of the "House of Memory" project.

During the last year, the project team prepared the general concept of the web documentary. It provides coverage of the main periods in the life of the Jewish community of Bukovina and Chernivtsi since the beginning of the 20th century and to our time. All stories are planned to be combined under one roof – the roof of the former Jewish House in Chernivtsi, which witnessed all periods.

The architectural ensemble (image) of the building of the Jewish House is planned to be used also as a navigation tool, with the help of which the viewer-user will be able not only to independently choose one or another plot for viewing, but also to carry out other interactions. After all, interactivity and the viewer’s involvement in the story are the main characteristics that distinguish a web-documentary from an ordinary documentary film.

During the conversation, its participants finally fixed the list of the main periods of history that will be reflected in the film; agreed with the principle of "maintaining balance" to reflect positive and negative events / phenomena that were decisive in each period; agreed to use the virtual premises (floors and individual rooms) of the Jewish Home for the placement / display of individual stories; defined a basic set of formats that will be used to display the historical narrative, etc. The participants of the meeting also decided to order IT specialists to make an electronic template of one room, on which it is planned to use all the main multimedia techniques, as well as to work out new, non-standard technical solutions.

Meanwhile, the project team begins work on creating a working concept and writing a script for the upcoming film. It was for this purpose that a representative of the Kyiv company "screen media", which managed to create the first web documentary in Ukraine even before the war, took part in the meeting as a dramaturgical consultant.